Writing Your Book

When writing your book:

Writing your book

  • Don’t judge yourself (too much). I know that may sound difficult, or even impossible. However, when writing a first draft, having a critic sitting on your shoulder saying, “That’s the worst sentence ever written” or “Maybe you should stick to selling insurance” is not productive. There will be plenty of time for criticizing and editing later, after you’ve written a first draft, or a complete chapter. Tip: While some self-criticism may be inevitable when writing your book, allowing yourself to “just write” may free up your creative juices and, best of all, increase your fun level.
  • Even the best writing cannot make up for a lack of innovative content in a nonfiction book or a novel without a compelling story.  Any manuscript can be edited, but it needs to first actually be written. What matters at this point is the material, and having words on the page. Tip: Write the damn book!
  • Writing your book is a step-by-step process. Like building a house, you need to have a plan and execute it. You can change it along the way, make additions, etc. Regardless of the plan, the process is not instant. It is brick by brick, or piece by piece. Tip: Don’t be overwhelmed by the possible enormity of your project. Take one step, then the next, then the next.
  • There is no one better at being you than you. Therefore, the information or perspective you have to offer is unique. Therefore, because you are unique, if you let you come through authentically, without pretense, then, like you, your writing will be unique.
  • What about “writer’s block”? Writers have often been plagued by, and stopped by, self-doubt. Everyone has issues. Fear of rejection, for example. Or, surprisingly as it may sound, fear of success and visibility.  Tip: When writing your book, don’t let your fears stop you. Be brave in the face of fear. Also: There has been much written, and spoken, about writer’s block. For example, see the Resources page on this site.