About Andrew Adleman

Andrew Adleman, M.A.  – Counselor and Coach for Writers


Andrew Adleman, M.A. has  assisted many authors in planning, writing, editing, ghostwriting, and completing their books. He also  helps authors find agents or self-publish in printed form and as ebooks.  With his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Andrew is able to provide expertise and motivation as a writing coach.

The covers below are examples of the books Andrew Adleman has edited or co-written. Additional edited books, as well as additional books that were ghostwritten, are not shown Most of the books had successful publishing contracts with major publishers. Others were self-published, which may have benefits over traditional publishing.


A few of the books...


Breaking the Cycle: Free Yoruself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shameby George Collins with Andrew Adleman, published by New Harbinger Publications, has been #1 in its category on Amazon.com for many months. Luminous Essence and Feng Shui for the Body: Balancing Body and Mind for  Healthier Life , both published by Quest Books, have been for sale on Amazon.com for many years.A Couples Guide to Sexual Addiction: A Step-by-Step Plan to Rebuild Trust & Restore Intimacy, published by Adams Media, is #3 in its category on Amazon.com